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About The Studio

LandBasics is a thematic year long final project of the B.LA at the Technion - Israel Institute of Technology.

It is composed of a research & design studio together with a theoretical course as one cohesive unit. 

As part of our believe that the context in which we work and educate is changing,

Issues such as land as a finite resource, spatial inequalities, political and social dynamics, are ever more relevant and should be addressed in the education of future landscape architects. Our work with the students is characterised by a deep commitment to the Israeli landscape, which is an optimal case-study to global challenges and an historical spatial lab of the relations between ideology and planning.

The starting point for every student project is the identification of an essential spatial phenomenon. The students articulate the issue’s presence by critically mapping the processes which constitute it - from the experiential and factual to the performative and political - in varied dimensions of scale, time or discipline.

The students formulate their own spatial context, from which they delineate and set-out sites for design actions according to their critical scenarios, and their relevance as design case-studies for ​applied research. 


It leads to a clear reading and design of the complexities of contemporary space.

The students develop a deep understanding of the site, not as a mere physical artifact,

but rather as an arena where different forces and stakeholders operate in time.

At the end of the academic year, the students achieve an operative design, which can be measured against the research on which it was based.

It is a design which takes its reference from external sources: It is grounded in an extended range of techniques and experiential approaches, which together expand the professional base of landscape architecture. 

The final presentations event at LandBasics bring together professionals from a wide range of expertise beyond landscape architecture, demonstrating the relevance of the projects in the studio. A meaningful debate is formed between landscape architects, designers, district planners, academics, environmentalists - from Israel and abroad.

Matanya Sack

Architect / Landscape Architect

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